DIAL 9-1-1

  • Non-Emergency

    (207) 945-4636

Community Service

Brewer Public Safety Academy students listen to Communications Operator Chris Fox.

Communications Operator Chris Fox, explains his job to a student of Brewer Public Safety Academy.

Executive Director James Ryan and Supervisor Betty Stone are presented an appreciation award for the support shown by PRCC towards military families during Christmas. PRCC has sponsored military families for Christmas since 2008.

The Red-E-Fox school program for kids

Deliver easy-to-remember messages about the proper use of 9-1-1

  • §  Hold their interest and have universal appeal to all children
  • §  Have guaranteed wide application
  • §  Have a long shelf life

Because of these goals, 9-1-1 For Kids® was created. The mission and purpose is to teach children how to save lives and property through the proper use of 9-1-1, the Nation’s universal emergency telephone number. Red E. Fox delivers this message and teaches us, When to use 9-1-1 and when not to, How to place a 9-1-1 call, and what to say to the dispatcher during a Police, Fire, or Medical emergency. Red E. Fox was created as a 9-1-1 Public Safety icon in the tradition of Smokey Bear and McGruff the Crime Dog. 

Penobscot Regional Communications Center plays an active roll in providing training for our school children and recognizing true “little heros” when they use the 9-1-1 system to summons help.